We serve most of Trekking and Hiking services dominantly in Addis Ababa and Northern part of Ethiopia which is supposed to be ‘Historical Route’ specifically Bahirdar, Gondar and Lalibela.

In Addis Ababa, we organize and serve trekking to the mountain nearby Addis Ababa (mt.Entoto) , City tour, Transport, Booking and Reservation, Guiding.  

In Lalibela, we serve and organise Trekking, Home stay, Booking and Reservation, Transport and Guiding.

In Bahirdar, City Tour and Boat trip. Gondar, City tour and Trekking Trekking in the Semain Mountain.


We are experienced in community based trekking for more than 10 years of experience. We serve trekking from 1 night to 11 nights in Lalibela and around Lalibela, and Gonder. In addition, we serve over day trekking and excursion in Addis Ababa, Gondar and Lalibela that ranges from 2400-4300 meters in Lalibela and up to 4500 in Gondar (Semain Mountain).

There are substantial cultural visits in doing the trekking, which can take you by surprise – living conditions; bathrooms; etiquette; beliefs; traditions; …and much more. It helps enormously if you have a basic understanding of spending time in the villages.  However, if you choose to go on any of these trails then you will be rewarded with experiences that last a lifetime. So, if you want to do the trekking, we have three levels of trekking which is the easy, Moderate and tough (Adventure).

Easy Route: The altitude ranges from 2400meters to 2800 meters. This type of trekking is mostly common in Lalibela and around Lalibela.

Moderate Route: The height ranges from 2400-3500 meters. In this, it is also rocky with some up and down. In addition to easy and moderate, we can connect and join both of these routes for more than one night trek.

 Adventure Trek: This is the third type of trekking which is the tough one that ranges from 3000- 4500meteres.  It is possible to do this trekking both in Lalibela and Gondar Semain Mountain.

Adventure trek is also well known in the Semain Mountain with a maximum of 4500meteres.

In all level of trekking in Lalibela and around Lalibela, we have community based trekking in which you will stay in the community owned lodges. In doing so, you will have:

  • Professional tour guide
  • Donkey and donkey man for your luggage
  • Accommodation (bed, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner).  In the tough route, in addition to community lodges you can also stay in the communities home itself. So, in the tough route, it depends upon your choice to stay.

All type of trekking is organized for holiday, honey moon, culture, nature (fauna and flora) and bird watch.

What is the Importance of this trekking and Home Stay for the Local Community?

Our trekking and home stay programs are designed to protect and maintain the cultures and traditions of the local communities. The money we receive from our groups is put back into the communities, directly and indirectly, helping to sustain the local economy. When you do the community base trekking, 80% of your money is paid to the community directly. This enables local communities to generate improvements in their livelihood through the development of their own community based tourism together with contributing to the protection of their physical and cultural environments.

How Do We Deliver Trekking Services?

We are from and work closely with the community. We know what to do and what is forbidden. The community knows us very well and we are at the heart of the community. So, we deliver the service in consultation and in collaboration with the local community.

What to expect?

  • Explore the real Ethiopian rural life, culture, tradition and dance
  • communities serving food and hosting guests
  • Amazing and colorful scenery
  • Keeping warm by camp fire and chat with the locals around the fire with folk and puzzle
  • Enjoy traditional foods
  • Different indigenous plants, crops, and some wild animals